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The Lockisseum

Welcome to the Lockisseum, the Lock Cup Challenge Grounds. This venue is dedicated to head-to-head match play and especially to competition for the Lock Cup. There is additional information on More on the historical background for this venue, as well as the rules of play.

Please discuss Challenges and upcoming matches in The Proving Ground.

The Living

  1. O Game 1 The Proving Ground - last move on 21:06, Wed 05-Aug-2020 by Tuj.
  2. O Game 96 nights vs PaulWay, a friendly match of Holland Park 2000 - last move on 21:06, Mon 13-Jun-2011 by nights.

Other games which have been played and won at a more distant time have been placed with due care and honour in the archive.

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There are some less blood-spattered venues for Crescent play at Mornington Crescent in Outer Space, Orange MC, MC5, White Rose MC, and Encyclopaedia Morningtonia.
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