The Wrong Pants

This is Orange MC, brought to you by Dunx, with a bit of slap on to make it look like Mr Wild Pants server. Well, not much like, but you get the idea. The complete list of places to play is Mornington Crescent in Outer Space, The Lockisseum Lock Cup Challenge Grounds, MC5, White Rose MC, and Encyclopaedia Morningtonia.

Here are the games currently being played. Click a game's number or the LU logo to play it.

  1. O Game 1 Is This Thing On?, last move on 09:26, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by Williammar.
  2. O Game 2 Orange Long Game, last move on 02:37, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by Williamskymn.
  3. O Game 9 Let Me Check My Notes, last move on 09:27, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by DavidSIB.
  4. O Game 74 To Be A Pilgrim, last move on 09:35, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by AllenDUt.
  5. O Game 143 Rattling Dice, last move on 09:23, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by Williamjek.
  6. O Game 199 Haiku! - Bless you, last move on 03:58, Fri 24-Nov-2023 by Jessica.
  7. O Game 390 Wretchedly Difficult Poetry, last move on 21:04, Mon 27-Nov-2023 by Leopoldo.
  8. O Game 619 ARSE - Acronym Resulting (from) Spurious Elements, last move on 04:20, Thu 23-Nov-2023 by Jurgen.

(that's 8 in play at the moment, and there can be up to 22)

These games are ones which have been won and updated in the last few days:

  1. O Game 3 Dining-table cress, last move on 06:26, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by Samsor.
  2. O Game 31 Bienvenue a la Compagne Dollis!, last move on 09:20, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by DavidBeemn.
  3. O Game 40 Philosopher's Song, last move on 09:12, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by RonnieNef.
  4. O Game 146 Haikre Street, last move on 09:13, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by Alansor.
  5. O Game 170 The Boardo! Home Game, last move on 04:17, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by AshBubre.
  6. O Game 171 Just A Cheddar Gorge, last move on 23:31, Thu 07-Dec-2023 by JosephMoofe.
  7. O Game 175 Festive Cress, last move on 08:16, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by AshBubre.
  8. O Game 197 Mystery Crescent II, last move on 08:30, Fri 08-Dec-2023 by Josephjoymn.
  9. O Game 236 New Year Resolutions, last move on 12:04, Thu 07-Dec-2023 by Josephjoymn.

The other games which have been played and won at a more distant time, or which have just been deactivated because people just didn't want them on the front page any more, have been wrapped in tissue paper and placed in the archive.

Unlike Mr Wild Pants, Dunx is an idle so and so and asks that those who have an idea for a game create it themselves.

This page is Dunx' carefully honed homage to the Pants MC server as created by Mr Wild Pants and the estimable Tim: the visual style is theirs, the graphics and underlying guts of the server are mine (Dunx, that is). Keep rocking, guys.

Feel free to have a look at this place with a different face on - Fresh Orange, MCiOS, Orange, Pants MC, or York. Or store a cookie to remember these settings.

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