"And now it's time to play the game called Mornington Crescent"

White Rose MC

Hello everyone, and welcome to the game of Mornington Crescent.

This is an archive of the York and Madeira (!York) servers, so please - pull up your comfiest armchair and warmest slippers while we delve deep into the history of the Game. The games here are closed for further play, but by all means write in The Margin (although no URL links will be accepted due to an avalanche of link spam).

If you have been inspired by the power of the games presented here, there are many places to play: Mornington Crescent in Outer Space, The Lockisseum Lock Cup Challenge Grounds, Orange MC, and MC5.

This page would not have been possible without the sterling work of both Rob Bunting (who managed the original York server with such panache) and jim (who so enthusiastically hoisted the banner of Yorkishness over his Madeira server for many years). The MC community salutes you.

Reference Documents

Encyclopaedia Morningtonia
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Comments may be written in The Margin.

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